Welcome to Get Hooked on Cooking! My name is Karen and I run this blog with my sister Jen. I’m responsible for the writing, recipes, cooking, and photography while Jen handles everything else including photo editing, web design, and all other art-related tasks that I’m terrible at. I like to cook mostly healthy meals with some indulgent ingredients thrown in. And some food that’s just unapologetically delicious and worth the splurge. Since getting married and starting a family, it’s been harder to keep yummy, healthy food on hand. That’s why I believe in food prep and reheatable meals.

About Karen

Karen loves to cook. She’s been cooking since she was a little girl. Back then it was because she was hungry and trying to help her mom get dinner on the table fast. Now she cooks because she enjoys it and it’s a great way to provide delicious, affordable, and nutritious meals for her family. She is a software developer, wife, and mom of two little girls.

About Jen

Jen doesn’t like cooking. So we’re working on that. But she loves baking, and she likes making breakfast food. She has a BFA in studio art and she is good at everything art-related: drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, making furniture, rolling egg rolls. What? You didn’t know rolling egg rolls was art? That’s because you haven’t seen Jen make egg rolls. She runs an Etsy shop, is a wife, and is a mom to two little girls.